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SG Recruitment is currently recruiting skilled workers for the following roles:

  • Logistics Specialists

  • Engineers (Design, Electrical, Civil, Power Plant, Manufacturing)

  • Welders (MIG)

  • Fabricators

  • Caregivers

  • Embroiderers (Designer, Printer, Machinist, Maker, Mender)

  • Retail​


We focus on strict governance for all recruits, including personal and professional background checks. We have our own language training center in the Philippines to ensure all candidates meet the relevant language levels required to work safely and effectively  abroad. 

Ethical recruitment

We follow a truly ethical approach to overseas recruitment. We source candidates from sustainable sources to ensure their expatriation to overseas posts will not cause a problem for the local economy. We do not charge our candidates for applications, placements or our services.

Please contact us at

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