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Bahrain is a small cluster of islands, situated between the Qatar peninsula and the north-eastern coast of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), to which it is connected by a 25 km causeway. A beautiful island in the Persian Gulf with its warm waters and sandy beaches providing you with a holiday destination on your doorstep. You can sail, dolphin watch, fish, scuba dive or kite surf. On land, there are gyms, horse riding stables and sports clubs including rugby, tennis, soccer, cricket, golf and basketball. From north to south, it is 48 kilometres long at its widest point in the north; it is 16 kilometres from east to west. Bahrain is regularly in the top 5 places, rated by expats, to live in the world. It is also a popular weekend destination for those working in the Eastern region of KSA with entry formalities usually taking no more than 60 minutes.


Benefits include:

  • One-year contract renewable

  • Airline tickets are provided at beginning and end of contract

  • Free furnished accommodation and utilities provided

  • Free bus transportation is provided to and from the hospital for members of staff who do not own a car

  • Up to 40 days leave

  • Medical & dental services provided except for aesthetic reasons


What currency is used in Bahrain?
The Bahraini Dinar (BHD) is the currency in Bahrain. There are 1000 fils in one Dinar.


What is the official language of Bahrain?
Although the official language is Arabic, farsi (Persian) is also used. English is widely spoken and is the principal language of commerce.


What is the religion of Bahrain?
Bahrain’s primary religion is Islam, however the rules are more relaxed than in neighbouring KSA


Do I need a car in Bahrain?
Yes. Public transportation is not very reliable and private taxis can be expensive. There are plenty of opportunities to both lease and buy a car in Bahrain. Insurance is cheap, petrol is inexpensive and the vehicles themselves are generally reasonably priced.

Does Bahrain have satellite television?


Do women in Bahrain need to cover up?
Though Bahrain is a Muslim nation, modernity and liberalism have been much more integrated into society than in neighbouring countries like KSA and Qatar.


Expat women dress in western clothes in public spaces, and generally speaking, what is appropriate in your home country is appropriate in Bahrain. Mosques are the only places where strict principles apply; women must wear an abaya and men must wear long pants and long sleeve shirts.


What is the voltage in Bahrain?
The voltage is 230 V which is the same voltage used in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

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